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Excellent. Two questions:

1. I recently turned off digital / cable HD service. Now running analog cable thru a Tivo 2 in addition to my HD OTA tuner.

Thus, I'm once again concerned about SD PQ and bars when using the Tivo for non-local channels or recorded material.

I'm tempted to use 4:3 aspect setting more frequently on SD Tivo (vs. "stretch / cinema" setting) in order to minimize PQ deterioration. Thus, should I select one of the 3 grey sidebar options (bright, med, dark) on my Pany 42PWD plasma vs. the "off" option (all black)? Is the grey mode sufficiently effective to avoid burn-in?

Such viewing would not be 100% of the time, which is limited to evenings & weekends. If a good HD program is live on OTA, it gets viewing priority.

I realize this is a subjective question but I wanted to confirm my understanding of the purpose of grey bars with respect to moderate use on plasmas.

2. Can the top/bottom bars on 2.35:1 DVD's cause burn-in on the plasma? Somewhere, I had read that such bars were not problematic, but did not understand the logic for that conclusion.
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