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A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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[QUOTE=rbinck]The answer as to weather the display will accept a 1080p/60 input may be in there, but I'm not going through the 5000+ posts myself.QUOTE]

Supports 1080p/50 and 1080p/60
1080p/24 they are still checking

page 36 post#534

and later Seems like the 1:1 pixelmapping was confirmed at the CEDIA - sounds good.


im going to download 720p and 1080p with and with out drm from

and see if it will play those files...

I note when i choose the hdmi input on my tv i see my desktop in extended mode and it states the format is at 1080i this must be a driver graphics card issue right...

so new to all of this just trying to get my head around it
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