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I read some of that thread on the avforum and never came up with a post that said one way or the other definitively. The answer as to weather the display will accept a 1080p/60 input may be in there, but I'm not going through the 5000+ posts myself.

One trick they pull is if a set has an ATSC tuner then it will support all 18 ATSC formats. Since there are 2 1080p ATSC formats, it could be said it will display 1080p received. Problem is nobody is broadcasting 1080p/24 or 1080p/30. Not saying this is the case, but they have that passage right after the built in tuner:
Built-in Freeview Digital Terrestrial Tuner (DVB-T)
Displays 1080p, 1080i and 720p HD Signals (HD Compatible)
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