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Default 1080p from pc to hdtv
This was posted on the wrong thread i think so reposting here...


Hello all is this my first post here

I was excited when I purchased my new TV but all this 720p 1080i and 1080p and the trials and tribulations of getting them to all communicate together has had me going around in circles so and I hope you guys can clarify how to achieve 1080p from the PC to the TV in basic terms.

First the hardware

Sharp Aquos 52 LCD (LC-52XD1E)

(Specs you may need to know?)

 Full HD resolution (1920x1080) LCD panel with progressive scan
 PC Input (Analogue RGB)
 DCE (Dynamic Contrast Enhancement)
 HDMI Digital Interface for Clear Image Playback
 Advanced Super View LCD Panel
 Built-in Freeview Digital Terrestrial Tuner (DVB-T)
 Displays 1080p, 1080i and 720p HD Signals (HD Compatible)
 3D-Y/C comb filter
 52" Wide, Advanced Super View & LCD with TruD picture enhancement
 technology
 Resolution 1920x1080 Brightness 450 cd/m2
 Contrast 2000:1
 Dynamic Contrast Ratio 6000:1
 Back Light Life 60,000 hours
 Response Time 4ms
 Power Source AC 220V240V, 50Hz
 Tuner IDTV Freeview DVB tuner
 Audio Technology
 Nicam/A2
 Audio Output 10W + 10W
 Full HD
 Full HD & HD Ready

 2x SCART IN,
 RS232


Windows XP 64 bit professional
Intel D Processor
1GB Ram

Nivdia 6800 XT graphics card
-Display interface: DVI x 2
-out put interface: TV out

Driver updated to - Nvidia 22/Oct/2006 (allows HDTV output and HDCP compliant I think?)

In the first DVI output I have a computer monitor hooked up via DVI to RGB converter
In the Second DVI output I have a 5 meter DVI to HDMI cable
For sound Im using a 5 meter optical cable plugged into Pioneer surround sound amp

Having set everything up I sit back to watch HD content fed by my PC to my TV but it seems that I am getting 1080 perhaps 1080i but not 1080p some HD files work and look great but when I try to play Star Wars episode 3 Revenge of The Sith in 1080p (file encoded 1080p H264 oar dd51 16gb) the file wont play.

Am I making the best of my connections (note. The TV manual suggests DVI/RGB conversion cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack cable

Should I buy those leads to achieve 1080p or is my current setup better?

Is the set up ok but the graphics card or driver that is not able to output to 1080p?

If so can I upgrade driver or should I upgrade graphics card?

If I have to upgrade my graphics card what type of card should I buy?

Its all so confusing I just want to sit back and view 1080p in all its glory Any Help would be appreciated

Please help

edit - I think it may be a graphic card issue pc processing increases near 100% when 1080p is played and i dont recall 1080p setting on Nvidia control panel only 1080i looks like a new card is needed...

is any of this correct???
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