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Originally Posted by bruceames
The HD standalones will continue to sell very well as the XA2 sets the bar for HD player exelence.
Now who is going to pay twice as much for a player(XA2)that doesn't offer twice the performance of the A2 brucey?

BTW I got that question from the HD DVD fanboy playbook, specifically PFC5. So I look forward to an attempt at any kind of response, should be amusing.

I also never gave "the question" any merit.

But I'll answer it anyways - Looks to me like in most cases the only people buying the XA2 are people who already own HD DVD players. Kinda funny that these people have already spent money on a player and are all of a sudden willing to spend $999 [(an outrageous sum) <also from the HD DVD fanboy playbook] on another HD player. Finally to top it off, this approach does nothing to increase the install base, nor promote increased software sales, because you're just selling to the same people again.

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