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I think that BD overplayed their hand by declaring victory and that it will prove to be a huge embarrassment as the war will drag on without BD pulling far ahead. There IS such a thing as making too much noise and I don't mind HD DVD's low key approach at all. After the show, Universal will come out with their release schedule (and a ho-hum reaffirment of their commitment to HD DVD, after all, Uni is head of the US HD DVD division) with a lot of A titles. The HD DVD add-on, unlike the PS3, will continue to sell out everywhere. I figure over 2 million Add-on sold by the end of this year, ALL used for playing HD DVDs, of course. The HD standalones will continue to sell very well as the XA2 sets the bar for HD player exelence. HD DVD will have a sub $300 player (SRP) by this fall, maybe more than one kind. Lionsgate and Buena Vista will release on HD DVD in time for the holidays and the war will go on.

Good luck, Blu-ray!

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