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Originally Posted by Jimmy Smith
Maybe no winner yet in the war but in terms of CES coverage Blu-Ray won hands down. HD-DVD didn't announce a single exclusive title Blu-Ray announced several great titles. Playstation 3 attachment rates have been revealed and are better then even I expected. HD-DVD had nothing but a couple of new players that can't do much the previous generation couldn't. Blu-Ray won CES like Godzilla versus Bambi. However the war itself won't be over until Universal releases on Blu-Ray. Which can't be to far off.
Wrong Jimmy. They announced support from the adult industry and from a major Anime company. They also announced hardware from a number of manufacturers, including a company that was previously BD-only (LG.) They also announced the support of Chinese manufacturers for cheap players to come out sometime this year.

They also introduced a new triple-layer, 51GB HD DVD.

Oh, yeah - they also announced that over 300 new titles will be released on HD DVD this year alone.

As for BD? All they did was announce their titles through summer of 2007. Big deal. No innovations, no new companies, nothing. Status quo, nothing more.

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