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Format Neutral?
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Originally Posted by Jimmy Smith
Wishful thinking bro
Really? CES is a hardware show. Which format demonstrated a bunch of new hardware?

BD used CES as a way to put out release dates for a few titles. HD DVD announced it would be releasing 300+ titles this year, then focused on what's important. We have new manufacturers for low-end (Chinese Manufacturers,) high-end (Meridian, Toshiba's XA2), and everywhere in between (including Onkyo.) We even got a BD-exclusive company to release a dual-format player, though it'll never get an HD DVD logo if HDi is left out (because unlike BD and its 3 Profiles, HD DVD doesn't dick over the consumer and actually has standards.)

BD announced a bunch of titles. Big deal. We knew there'd be a bunch of titles from each camp this year. That's a given. CES is about the new hardware and HD DVD brought their A game, while BD brought more of the same.
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