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Because all DVD players have a DAC chip that takes whatever is on the disc and converts it from a digital to an analog interlaced signal so that analog connections like s-video and composite can pass that signal along to any display. On progressive-scan players, they add the deinterlace chip between the DAC and the component-video output so that it can be passed on to an ED or HD display as progressive. I wasn't referring to PCs. PC home theaters have a DVD-ROM drive that has a slightly different arrangement with the video card's DAC with the VGA connection being similar to a component-video in that it too supports a progressive signal. Most DVDs produced between 1997 and 2002 were 480i. However with the arrival of digital HDMI/DVI ports on DVD players around 2003, most DVD authoring companies that are contracted with studios now produce those titles in 480p so that you don't end up with an unecessary deinterlace process when using the DVI/HDMI connection.
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