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High Definition is the definition of life.

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Originally Posted by falcondan95705
I Disagree with the Article... HDDVD is NOT a leap forward??? Who is this guy trying to kid?? It is leaps and bounds ahead of tape and far better than DVD..Laser was better than DVD...CD music STINKS compared to Vinyl... I have been waiting to get HDTV for along time.. Finally got Satelite and now I have HDDVD as well... This is what I have waited for .... There is too much money and time invested in this new format.. Shoot... Listening to this guy we all may as well stayed with analog tv...
I disagree too. I think once people finally start figuring out HOW to enjoy HDTV (since half the people who have one either don't get HD content or don't use the right connections to the TV to watch it properly) one format or the other will win out.
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