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david Devonick
How can anyone watch standard def?

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Default Sounds like it's worth it

Thanks everyone for your input. I guess I need to figure out how to explain to my wife every 2 years that our DVD player is obsolete and that we need a new one.

To be very honest, I just bought a 42" Panasonic Plasma, HD7UY and I have Dish HD. I am in love with HD content on it. I am in a "suburbin fringe" area and cost of antenna plus install is around $300. For that I would get Fox, ABC, PBS maybe NBC too (I hear they have a really weak signal from NYC). Ya know, I just don't really give a s**** to watch any of that stuff and put up with constant commercials anymore.

I think I would rather take my $300 and get an upconverter DVD player than an OTA antenna. (of course I'll have to buy an HDMI input card for the plasma set as well, but that one is destiny anyway)..
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