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Originally Posted by jojojojo57
DVDs today are recorded at 480i. ALL DVDs. Even the extra-expensive ones sold under various marketing names such as "Superbit". DVDs that say they are recorded in high definition mean that better quality equipment was used in digitizing the original film content. But the actual data that gets put on the DVD is 480i nonetheless...
NOT TRUE! All movie-title DVDs are in fact 480p! Place those discs in a PC's DVD drive and use a video analyzer software and it will always report the source video as 480 progressive. Whether the resulting image is 480i or 480p depends on the type of display and the type of connection used. If you are using a standard DVD player with component, s-video or composite connection, then you will get a D/A conversion that results in 480i video. If you use a progressive scan DVD player with a progressive component-video connection, you still get the D/A conversion but the deinterlacing hardware in the player will produce a 480p image. If you use a upconverting DVD player with a digital display like a DLP or LCD TV that has a DVI or HDMI connection, the 480p source is sent straight to the display without any D/A conversion. Then the upconverting player can be set to leave the signal at 480p or scale it up to 720p or 1080i.
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