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One interesting point to consider. Say you go from a 32" CRT to a HD set. AND to make sure the size of things stays the same, you figure out that a 40" HD has almost the exact same screen height. A DVD will look over 80% larger on the 16:9 set than the 4:3 set. It's all in the nature of showing a widescreen movie on a 4:3 set vs. a 16:9 set. I KNEW I'd get a larger display on the 16:9 but I was very blown away to see exactly how much.

Given this factor, HD DVDs of either camp are not all that compelling. And part of that is movies are generally shot on film. And ones shot on video seem to be "processed" to look like they were shot on film. AND "film look" gives a director a LOT of opportunity to manipulate the image. I have a filmmaker friend who shoots Fuji stock and has it developed for saturation so her stuff has quite the garish look. Frequently, directors go for the gritty look by loading the image with grain/noise. There ARE many times where one may have to "stare intently" for a period of time to decide if you are seeing the additional resolution of a HD picture.
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