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High Definition is the definition of life.

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Originally Posted by SLedford
I find myself agreeing with everything said in this article. Have always thought that the release of HD-DVD / BD was premature, given the low penetration of HD televisions in the market. The war makes it worse, since people like myself (who would have a HD television and might have purchased a high def player) are sitting on the sidelines.

There are a limited number of people who jump in early, frequently justifying this with comments like "you only live once - enjoy high def DVDs now". And these tend to fall into two categories:
- those that are willing to buy both formats (very expensive and out of reach financially for most), or
- fanatically commited to one format, almost with religious intensity.

I don't think that the formats will completely fail - niche market is more likely.
They could become more mainstream, if:

-If the format(s) become mainstream, it will be in a decade or so. It took DVD's about 7 years to surpass VHS in popularity, the same will hold true for HD DVD and BluRay
-One format will have to win out
-Once HD tv's are in about 40% of households
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