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Originally Posted by iceblu121
even tho i mean they are somehwat afforadable they are still pricey if u think about it that is there are no more 3 4 5 hundred dollar hd tvs at price maybe a 19 inch but thats about it u want a normal 32 inch lcd ur payin atleast $1800 bux which not many people are willing to spend that much on a tv set.people like us here would cause to us its worth that money to see hd tv supposly i talked to a bestbuy saleman and he said the fcc wants everything hd at the end of 2007 this i hope.i didnt spend 2 grand on a tv to watch 480i
oh and have to add this
Jeez... you don't get out much. In around my area (Canada) 32" LCD's are currently in the $700 CDN range (that's about the price of what a same sized CRT is/was) which would be ~$500 U.S. and I've seen plenty of 20" LCD's at sub $300 and this is with all the technological advances... WS, flicker fixed, digital + analog tuners etc.. Sure; last years prices still have some reeling in sticker shock, but get over it... this year I've seen discounted deals of 37" LCD's at $899 CDN. OTH If you want top end (name brand Sony, Panasonic etc) then you'll pay their price... they believe that brand power allows them to charge double & more.. even though forums like this point out they're using the same panels that some the cheaper panels have.

Of course to-day, you'll see CRT value sales.. as stores dump old stock at a loss. New technology just wasn't mean to compete with that... re: the analog lic change... this will see dumping of many TV sets cheap up here... none that I want to buy.

I look forward to HD, but it looks like the cable guys are dragging their feet, and there's really no incentive in Canada for broadcasters to upgrade their equipment to HD. Their argument is that they will not get any extra money for it (advertisers are unwilling to pay a premium for it) and they will gain no new users. Cable PQ has been crap for quite a few years, and HD in Canada might be easy to get... but PQ isn't.

I hope people evolve their own HD collections.. and cut their monthly bills down to zero. Local OTA broadcasting is the best route for me, and I'm hoping that there will be a resurgence.. side by side with HD disks... the middle man is no where to be found.
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