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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by drumfiend
Even tho the numbers say that about 20% of homes have these tv's, that has to change this year or next with the drop in prices of these things. They've become so affordable for people, my friend at BB has sold some LCD flat panels to folks mounting them to the inside of their mobile home. That's got to say somethin for HDTV's affordability.
even tho i mean they are somehwat afforadable they are still pricey if u think about it that is there are no more 3 4 5 hundred dollar hd tvs at price maybe a 19 inch but thats about it u want a normal 32 inch lcd ur payin atleast $1800 bux which not many people are willing to spend that much on a tv set.people like us here would cause to us its worth that money to see hd tv supposly i talked to a bestbuy saleman and he said the fcc wants everything hd at the end of 2007 this i hope.i didnt spend 2 grand on a tv to watch 480i
oh and have to add this
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