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What is HD?

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i read the artical that mayank posted i disagree is a lot of ways as far as hd dvds and blu ray not being the next best thing and not making it. how many people out there have hd tvs and now there current media format sux we bought these damn tvs not cause there thin and light because of what quality of picture we can get from it who cares if hd dvd and blu ray didnt hit the market as big as standard dvds did when it first came out.why is that duhhh cause whoever bought a dvd player in already had a friggen tv as most people with hd tvs most people dont have hd tvs so thats why the damn sales are much lower then when the first dvd players where released the younger crowd ages id say 20 to even pusin it to 45 are the ones gona be into gettin these hd tvs and blu rays etc nobody younger then that really and do u accpect grandma to know what the heck hd is technology today isnt even fair for the consumer now they got this 1080p now i see there comin out with friggen 3d tvs i mean let people adapt to somthing b4 throwing all this new stuff out way thats my thought anyways and those 3d tvs are no way gona be cheap at all
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