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Originally Posted by Type A
It would be my pleasure. Please notice that these links are NOT from a flat panel manufacture, but rather those that tend to do reviews, and that you have probably heard of.

Lets review exactly what I have hoisted the 'Bravo Sierra' flag on:

"plasmas also do better on fast motion"

"But hands down the best all-around color of any flat-panel TV here."

While LCD has come a long way, I just dont think it can beat a plasma yet....not in color, contrast, or refresh. Yes, LCDs are brighter, have improved with refresh, and are finially getting bigger. But I would still take a plasma for pure pq
Excellent articles.

I want to see an unbiased review of the best LCD vs. the best plasma. Say the 52" Sony XBR3 1080p LCD vs. the 50" 1080p Pioneer Elite plasma. Those are probably the two best from each technology althought I believe Panasonic has a 58" plasma for around 10K.
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