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Compression Sucks

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Originally Posted by mshulman
Do you have an HD Set at home? Do you watch HD at home? Have you compare it to SD? How's it compare? It's pretty darn great in comparison, isn't it?
No I donít have HD at home because I wonít buy into the hype. I deal with HD everyday at my job and Iíve been dealing with HD for about 10 years of my 20 years in post-production. I have very fast eyes and I see more than most people including people in my industry so I see a lot more of the problems than most. And on top of that I know what Iím looking for. So for me itís OTA SD. No compression artifacts, field weaving, or temporal averaging. Iím just trying to say that the broadcasters and manufactures need to stop screwing over the general public and give the consumer real HD.

BTW the first time I saw an HD DVD was at NAB in April and I asked the manufacture if the DVD player or monitor was making the picture look so bad (It had huge blocking issues and temporal averaging). They said they didnít know.

Does anyone live in So Cal. and want to see how HD should look?
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