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Default We all want more HD programming

Just a couple of points:

(1) We all want more HD television programming, and eliminating the massive numbers of useless channels that probably have a very limited audience would free up a lot of bandwidth.

(2) The BD picture you saw probably had a setup problem. I did have a similar experience when BD first came out, but saw the "clock" demo at BB last night and it was a beautiful picture. Even movies now look pretty good on BD.

The picture providers are dragging their feet in adding HD channels, but part of this is that demand is market driven, and the demand for HD television programming is not loud enough to make the providers change. As more HD televisions are sold every year, that demand will get louder and change will happen.

As far as picture quality, that has improved as well. I have both an OTA converter (not hooked up now) and HD cable, and the OTA used to blow the HD cable picture out of the water. The cable company adjusted their compression, and last time I checked, the pictures were very close.

Sports and nature programming are stunning in HD. I keep hearing about 1080p, but really don't know how much better the picture would / could be from what I am getting on the HD channels now. We certainly need to get the current version established with the masses before we move to the next upgrade.
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