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Compression Sucks

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Angry HD looks pretty bad to me

I saw my first blu-ray disc and it looked pretty bad. I have to say it was a demo disc but it had trailers from “Ice age 2” and “Walk the line”. In the trailer for Ice age 2 the compression artifacts in the blue sky were horrible. There were stripes of different color blues instead of a smooth blue it looked really bad. The trailer for Walk the line looked really bad it just had a bunch of compression artifacts. It didn’t look anything like the HD-D5 master that I made a little while ago that was used to make the blu-ray disc.

I can’t believe that all you people run out and buy this stuff and say how great it looks. Broadcast, HD DVD, and blu-ray all look like crap and you are getting ripped off in the quality that you’re getting. You all should demand to get true HD not this stepped on piece of *&%@ signal that they try to pass off as HD. They compress the signal anywhere from 10:1 all the way up to 100:1 and still call it HD, I say nay, nay. I know this is going to piss off a lot of people (sorry to all of you) but someone needs step up and speak out to get the ball rolling for real HD. A true HD signal is about 1.5Gbps or 188MBps so does that 18MBps blu-ray still sound good to you?
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