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My plasma is High Def.

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Default A Newb needing lots of help....

Just bought the KDS60A2000 SXRD HDTV and I am needing to upgrade my surround system.
My current setup is Xbox360 w/the HD DVD player, Direct TV, Dish Network (don't ask).
I will be upgrading the Direct TV box to HD as soon as our locals are there. (hopefully by the end of the year, or so the DTV rep says ) I live in Asheville, NC.
Currently all of these run into an Xbox 360 A/V selector and then to my old surround sound receiver, and from there to a Trinitron TV.
My first question is...will I need the A/V selector still?( It has component video RCA and S-Video inputs & output jack connections and 2 optical inputs and 1 optical output)
Second I will need to buy the surround sound system from BestBuy (long story ), about $400 - $500 is max I will be able to spend. what would you suggest?
Thanks in advance for the help !!!!!
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