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like the choice of screens, you pick the one that looks best to you.
You also will have to live with the outcome by transporting the TV against the manufacturers and this forums suggestions.

I would be devistated if my new plasma screen i just spent mega bux on got home with a cracked screen because it was laying flat.
I would not want to take the chance. it would be a rather expensive picture frame (what it is good for after the glass cracks - remove the panel and use the frame for your favourite picture )

what type of truck do you have? i transported my panasonic 42px60u in a mini van, it just had enuf room to fit in the back upright.

seriously tho, you may get the tv home with it travelling on its side and it be ok. But why risk it, I would be terrified on the way home of every little bump and dip in the road. 100miles is a long way to go.

good luck. hope you get to enjoy your new plasma, love mine. let us know what you decide to do and the outcome if you survive the trip with the screen laying flat. and i hope you wont be posting pix of your new plasma with the cracked screen like i saw on another board.
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