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Originally Posted by keatsman
Rbinck >> i have a question for you...

Toshiba 50" DLP (50HM66)

Im looking to hookup my PC thru this DVI - COMPONENT adapter from ATI..
I currently have a ATI Radeon 800XL which has DVI output..
i want to hookup my toshiba dlp hd 50 inch.. will this adapter work with this type of card, or do i have to have at least ATI 9500-9800 series card..... This device is sick, so i was just wondering if anyone could help me out .. In the instruction manual it says DO NOT attempt to hookup from PC to TV via HDMI.... so i need other ways to do it in order to get 720, or 1080 i ...

But then i was thinking just to get a DVI - HDMI adapter to connect the pc to back of the tv... however i was reading the instruction manual for the TV and it says DO NOT connect a PC via HDMI to tv as the HDMI port is not deisnged for pc audio... if i was using a DVI adapter to HDMI and then plugging the HDMI cable into the tv... its not technically directly connected via HDMI.... so would this damage the tv u think?

It won't damage it I don't think, but the audio will not come through is what they are saying. You should be able to connect the RCA audio from the PC though. There could be an overscan issue through the HDMI port as well.
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