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What is HD?

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Good question. I need to know the answer also. I am considering the purchase of either a Sony KDL46xbr3 or a Samsung LN-S4695D or LN-S4696D LCD HDTV, all of which have PC inputs as well as HDMI inputs, and all three user manuals specifically say "You cannot connect this TV to a PC via HDMI/DVI" or "The HDMI/DVI jacks DO NOT support a PC connection". I am wondering if this has to do with HDCP (copyright protection) in the HDMI input circuitry? It doesn't make any sense to me to have to convert my PC's HDTV tuner card's DIGITAL signal to ANALOG, transport this ANALOG signal via the VGA cord to the HDTV's ANALOG PC input , then convert it back to DIGITAL after going through the HDTV's ANALOG PC input to be visualized as a DIGITAL signal. That would be DIGITAL>ANALOG>DIGITAL and I would rather keep this signal DIGITAL all the way. Or am I missing something? Please straighten me out. If I connect the PC via the graphics card's DVI output to the HDTV's HDMI input anyway, in defiance of the owners manual, would I risk damaging the HDTV or would I just run into hassels with the copyright protection? Thanks.
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