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Originally Posted by OpenCloud
Thanks! I've read that computers don't have HDMI, so this "on-motherboard hdmi" or a video card with an HDMI output is definitely a no-go, right? And so for to get the DVI to HDMI cable to work the PC will need to have a DVI port and the HDTV a HDMI port, correct? Also if I buy a 1080p HDTV, does that mean it will also have 1080i? Needless to say 720p. And lastly since 1080p display seems hard to get, would it be just as hard get a 1080i display?

Your best bet is to get a video card with a DVI port and a TV with a HDMI port. Then use a DVI to HDMI convert cable.

You are confusing the type display with the interconnect format. 1080i TVs would be CRT based and you don't want one of those if you are going to hook it to a computer. You definately want a fixed pixel 1920x1080p display. Also since you are hooking it to a computer you want one that will allow a 1080p/60 input. Some 1920x1080p displays will only accept a 1080i/30 input and you don't want one of those.

Also while you are at it, you want to make sure the deinterlacer in the TV operates properly. Check this out for more info: Are You Getting All the HDTV Resolution You Expected? Be sure to also read the referenced links in that article also.

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