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Yep when you see comments like that you just have to shake your head. The "so-called" may be due to the content not being to some peoples liking, but there is no doubt that the Voom originals are HD 24/7.

There are a few people that do not consider movie conversion as true HD. They say this based on the difference they see on material that was sourced with HDTV cameras. I'll agree that movie conversions are not as good HD as the live events on RAVE or Equator HD for that matter. But that's a film conversion matter and Voom's movies are every bid as good or better than the networks or HBO, etc. on D*, no doubt about it.

Funny thing is as you browse the various forums it seems as though whever people have is what is the best and anything else is crap. Even though they may not have watched other services for any given period of time, they form opinions usually based not on watching, but what they ahve read that is supportive of their choice. Heck we've had people on this forum that it was obvious that not only did they say they didn't like a given service, but they would just be pleased as punch if the service went out of business. This additude I don't understand. Why deprive others of a viable service? At least viable for them anyway. It is like Republicans and Democrats, Aggies and Longhorns, War Eagles and Elephants, Cowboys and Redskins and on and on. Not only do you want your side to win.... but the others must die!
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