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Originally Posted by SHOSHOSHO
Can anyone explain why DIrectv is so hell bent on providing local HD's?

Why would they not want to add to their pathetic HD lineup first? And why in the heck would anyone pay $10.99 a month for the HD package??????
D* is/has been competing with the cable companies for many years. They've spent a lot of time and money getting people their locals and are now going to do the same for the local HD's just like cable is. That is where the money is so that is where they are going.

They will eventually improve their non local HD lineup but such a small percentage of their customer base has HD that at this moment they are putting their money into local HD first since that is what most people want first from HD.

I pay the $10.99 a week for D* HD because for less than $3 a week plus my OTA HD I get about 15 HD channels and have access to the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is typically 8 HD football games a week.
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