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Default More HD Sometime

Well, here we are still without ESPN2 HD. I saw a post on this site earlier about D* still needing to assign a channel and launch date. Let's see, channels 90 - 99 are now available as the NFL Sunday Ticket is over, maybe they could think about using some of those for things like ESPN2HD, TNT HD, STARX HD, TMC HD, CINEMAX HD, and the list goes on and on. I have a funny feeling the HD we receive now will be known as the "Basic" HD and when they start adding more channels, we again will have to cough up more money to get them. They really have us over a barrel as Dish Network isn't much better as far as HD content goes and VOOM seems to be doomed or sold sometime in the near future. I've heard different stories about the new MPEG4 delivery for HD. Some say you will need new receivers, others say our current receivers will be upgradeable from the satellite. Of course there are no CSR's at D* that can answer that question or why we can't get all the National HD feeds. I guess we just sit back and are at the mercy of when D* will start offering more HD channels.....
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