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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by rbinck
Those timing values are for powerstrip. The moninfo program is intended to be used in conjunction with powerstrip not the nvidia drivers. You will need to download and install powerstrip to be able to use them.

What that information does show you is your TV will operate at 1920x1080 interlaced with the powerstrip refresh rate set to 30hz. Also it will support 720 x 480p at 60Hz as standarrd which is good for DVD video.

I have the same TV and I know it will also do other resolutions. I have an ATI 7500 Radeon video card, the DNA modified Catalyst drivers and powerstrip installed. nvidia card you are on your own.

Sorry to have mislead you this is for a friends new Sony HD TV I just quoted the moninfo stats u posted before as an example.
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