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Originally Posted by Munkey
I have a problem maybe someone can help with.

First a little history to help explain my problem with my DirecTV setup

I have a 5x8 multiswitch in a closet that was feeding the signal from my triple LNB dish to all the rooms in my house with 2 lines going into my living room to supply the Tivo unit.

I recently bought a new HDTV for the living room but have decided to wait until the whole MPEG4 thing plays out instead of investing in a HD Tivo at this time.

DirectTV brought me a HD receiver and installed a 5 LBN dish using the same lines feeding the 5x8 Multiswitch. I want to add the HD receiver to the living room and just have 2 receivers on the TV for now even though I will not be able to Tivo in HD.

Here's my problem, I only have the 2 coax lines running into the living room and I need 3 to feed both receivers temporarily and not have to crawl behind the TV every time I want to switch from Tivo to HD. I bought a 3x4 multiswitch but with that installed, I still do not receive my local channels. I've done some research trying to find an answer and have seen some post about using a tone generator. Will this fix my problem? If not, what if anything can be done.
Help me out with a little more info. Are you going from the 5x8 to the 3x4? or, are you running a straight line to the 3x4, then taking that to the TV?

When u say u don't receive your locals, are you referring to HD locals you sub to off DTV, or are you referring to the regular locals in SD?
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