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"But in regards to all this HD-DVD is here now or not being able to wait for's scheduled to release next month. We aren't talking next year or something. So, while price is a valid concern (though the cheapest HD-DVD player is $500, the same price as the cheapest PS3, for clarification), no one should be using the time excuse, considering you're about to drop $500+ on new hardware."

Wait a minute, I thought the PS3 was not going to be out until the September/October time frame. I would probably be willing to pay an extra $100 if I could get a BD next month. Are you talking about the BD players? Those are supposed to be in the $800 to $1000 range aren't they? I just can't afford to spend another $200 to $500 on a standalone player, although that is what I would prefer to have.
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