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Originally Posted by LordGamer
This is what I'm talking about, folks. That quote is a fanboy at work. Keeping it simple...

Question: Does Blu-ray players output 1080p?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does HD-DVD players output 1080p?
Answer: No.

I believe I'm going to join you. I figure about a month...mid-June to mid-July. If I do pop up, it probably won't be in the HD players or disc forums. I just hope any newcomers or browsers will be able to decipher through all the "hatin'" and fanboy dung.
It's a shame that you always play games with words.

You compared the 1080p issue with the audio issue, saying they were the same thing and I pointed out why they weren't, because the BD machines can't "read" and decode the advanced codecs to begins with, let alone transmit it, let alone reconstruct it.

I'm losing respect for the types of discussions that are typical with you. You point fingers and accuse everyone else who contradicts you in any way of being a "fanboy" and untruthful. Yet you are actually the one who takes that approach.

You've dishonestly misrepresented a number of issues here - one only has to read this thread from the beginning to get a good idea of how many things have been corrected, and you've admitted nothing yet - and never will.

Sony's own site (and Samsungs) clearly state that their players cannot decode DD+, TruHD or DTS-HD (which is what I OBviously meant by "handle") they can only decode the core DD and DTS legacy streams. Your posts insisted that they could - and the discussion went for ages until I posted the proof from Sony's site. You still haven't admitted you're wrong, instead insisting that I am playing with word - which is actually all YOU do).

To say that 1080i60 is not a huge issue is completely accurate. You want to make it sound like a cover-up. I feed this into a Video processor anyway before sending to a projector at full 1080p - not one bit of info is lost. Most 1080p displays cannot accept 1080p input - and you also know this is true. 1080p sets can deinterlace the 1080p60 to 1080p and keep every line of the original 1080p24 image frames, since none of the data is left out in the transmission. In fact, on average, each 5th full 1080p24 frame could be transmitted twice over 1080o60.

You know the facts, but you sit there trying to confuse eveyone. This is not a helpful approach to a visitor to this site trying to get accurate info.

Trying posting some accurate info that can withstand the attacks you've subjected mine to.
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