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Originally Posted by strawberry
Actually, my point was that most people's audio setup is not good enough for them to discern the difference between DD or DTS and the new formats. First and foremost- many people still listen to their sound piped directly through their TV, regardless of what we think of it.
That is just not true, almost everyone that would pay $2000-$3000 for an HDTV and another $500 for an HD-DVD player will have at least a basic surround sound system with at least 2 fronts and a center channel speaker and anyone with even a basic low budget system can and will enjoy the benefits of the new sound.

Yes I have exaggerated (mostly jokingly) and even been wrong due to lack of knowledge in the past and I am sorry that I attacked you so directly, but what was so appalling is you didn't exaggerate or say something by mistake, you said an outright lie that you knew darn good and well was false. You are a very smart guy and you know that people don't need a new receiver and new speakers to enjoy the 5.1 output of the new audio codecs. Heck my 10 year old Dolby Pro Logic receiver and 1970s era speakers that I have in the basement would work just fine and you could easily tell the difference of the improved sound. Speaker technology hasn't changed much in 40 years, the original Klipsch horn speaker introduced in 1963 has been tweaked over the years but is still pretty much the same. I enjoy a healthy debate, just keep it real.

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