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Wow, I actually read all these posts. I found it very entertaining to say the least. I would like to say, just my opinion, if Samsung releases a hybrid player then in my eyes they have one foot in each camp. Sorry but if you put a Chevy engine into a Ford then you are no longer strickly in the blue oval camp.

I wonder just how many of the new PS3s sold will ever get a HD movie put into them. My guess has been and still is the gaming portion is what's going to sell and the BD player is just an added feature.

I like Sony and I have a Sony HD TV but I want a real player not a gaming machine. I'll spend the extra bucks if they can give me something for my money, better selection of movies comes to mind. Notice I didn't quote numbers about shipping or potential shipping or dates, no DD+ or any of that because I don't care. I'm going to wait until they have been out a year and all the hype dies down then I'll buy a hybrid if they are out, if not I might wait another year. Loving HD doesn't have to mean jumping at the first offering from either side.
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