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They were at 25,000 almost three week ago.

Keep in mind, I did say the "states," but regardless, show / tell me one source that shows they shipped that many out (anywhere). Furthermore, remember shipped means nothing. What matters is how many are sold.

Some of my sources... - 05.04.06 - 05.05.06 - 05.03.06

Wrong - the Bluray 1st gen players are less advanced than the $500 A1 - the BD players don't even have decoders for DD+ and TruHD.

The Samsung BD-P1000, does support DD+. Check out the official website...

The Sony BDP-S1 supports DD+ and TrueHD and both players support 1080p output, so again... "Blu-ray players overall will be more advanced..."

Yes, Bluray enjoys more support today...

Stop at "today," because that's why I said, "currently." I put these words in bold for a reason. Furthermore, unless you have a crystal ball, don't make predictions without anything to back them up. I fail to see how the BR camp has "mangled" this launch, especially when you consider...they haven't even launched yet. Don't say anything about delays, because it's a moot point. Last time I checked, no one picked up an HD-DVD player last holiday season.

Plus, I wouldn't exactly consider HD-DVD's debut, with two buggy players, very limited quanity, and an amount of movies you could count on your hands, a glowing success.

Couple of big if's there - if studios start to support both, it will undermine the only "effective" advantage that BD enjoys today.

Read what you wrote... "if studios start to support both" ...another "if." Yes, it would be an advantage for HD-DVD if it happens, but it wouldn't be a dramatic loss for BR. Also, studio support is not the "only effective advantage" BR enjoys. Overall better hardware and, the biggie of all... larger initial user base. What's that...where's my crystal ball? Using rational thought and past success, the PS3 should easily sell more units on its first day than all the HD-DVD players up to the system's launch.

PS2 sold over 500,000 units on its first day in the states. If the PS3 only did half that, that's 250,000 BR players instantly in the US. Compared to a possible 50,000 to 100,000 units HD-DVD may actually sale (not ship) and not factoring other standalone BR players.

"If" Sony is able to lower the cost of the Blu-ray players to around the $500 range, I could not think of one significant advantage Toshiba would be able to offer. For Toshi's sake, thank goodness we won't see a BR player at $500 for a long time...wait, how much is the PS3 again?

Just turn off your "fanboy" mode, folks. Just for a little while. You're spewing typical defensive mode fanboy garbage, with nothing to back it up. Don't deny the evidence or rational thought. I'm not saying don't have a preference, but don't ignore either when you're knee deep in bull****.

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