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Originally Posted by joey hd loving
dear hd peeps got a question maby its stupid but then i wanna learn about dish hd recieving .
im living in europe and the sats have like 3 ore 4 hd channels.
can i get more hd channels like fox hd etc etc ore can i only get the channels here in europe cause off line off site from the dish to the sat???

sorry if its a dumb question

If I understand your question, you will not be able to pick up broadcasts on the same satelites that broadcast to the USA (except perhaps a satelite over the middle of the Atlantic, if any.) The satelites that provide tv reception are orbiting the Earth in an exact match of the Earth's rotation so they are always in the same "spot" relative to the customer. A satelite that can be "seen" in the USA will be blocked on your side of the world.
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