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First off I am not a fanboy to either side. In fact I intend to wait until at least spring 07 before buying either one. I just want HD movies. I don't care if it says toshiba or Sony on the player.

But can we stop saying Blu-Ray is dead. Of course it will sell. And yes even at $1000. If you are talking about short term, by the end of the year, it is going to be in the PS3 for $600. So by the end of the year it will have more market share than HD-DVD. As stated in earlier posts if Sony can get even half the PS3's out at launch as it did with the PS2 there will no doubt be more Blu-Ray players than HD-DVD. And I know the PS3 will cost $600 but I will stake your life on the fact that it will sell out and be as hard to get as the xbox360 was at first. So I ask you: How does that sound like its a dead format?

Does this mean Blu-Ray will win the format war? Of Course not. It only means that by the end of this year there will be more Blu-Ray players in USA households. Whether or not they are even hooked up to a HDTV is a different story. The winner of the format war won't be decided this year. It could be several years or maybe there will never be a clear winner.

One more thing, I heard the PS3 will also play games.
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