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Originally Posted by bruceames
The players will at least be dual layer. The problem will be with the 20gb movies coming out with them. Everyone will know these titles will be rereleased when Sony gets dual layer disc production under control. Therefore, why buy a temporary movie?
You're assuming that BR movies will be single layer when that's not fully settled yet.

Beyond that- we can expect to see a lot of re-releases down the road from both camps for a multitude of reasons. For starters, we won't be seeing much if any use of iHD and BD-J interactivity in releases this year, most releases are lacking in special features and audio options, and, in the case of H.264, the encoding process is likely to be much refined a year from now compared to where it is right now- as it was with early DVD releases, there will probably have to be re-issues of many of the early titles due to technological advance.

I don't see why that principle applies to one camp more than the other.
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