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Here's my biggest thing, that I realized moreso when typing my first post in this thread. Lets be rational (at least sales wise) for a moment...

If Toshiba sales (not ships) 10,000 units each month, from May to November, we're saying 70,000 HD-DVD in homes.

On October 26th, 2000... PS2 sold roughly 510,000 units on the first day, I'm talking within 24 hours, in the US alone. I do not believe Sony will sale that many do to the higher price tag and possible shortages due to worldwide launch; however, even if they only did half (which it should do easily), we're talking 250,000 Blu-ray players in homes.

So... 70,000 HD-DVD units within six months vs 250,000 in one day. And this is STILL NOT factoring other standalone Blu-ray players. Tweak the numbers if you like, but by the end of the year, there will probably be at the very least, 100,000 more BR players in this country than HD-DVD. For studios, that means many, many more BR consumers.

Of course you could say, all of the PS3 owners won't care about watching movies. Still doesn't change the fact that BR will have a much larger user base. Furthermore, the people picking up PS3 at launch are tech-ies and gamers. So, if they're willing to spend $500+, best believe they have HDTVs or will be picking one up soon (i.e. will be interested in HD movies).

However, as Strawberry mentioned, there is 16 million plus HDTV owners. So, even a million sales from either platform means little.

But I don't care how fanatic you are...anyone with rational thought should see that by the end of this year, there should easily be more BR players in homes than HD-DVD.

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