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Originally Posted by dontknowjack
I have a question. When Blu-Ray player comes out at $1000 a pop, will it sale enough to beat HD-DVD?
Nobody in either camp is going to sell enough to beat anybody this year. This thing's going for the long haul.

Originally Posted by Cornbread
...until this winter I don't think Blue Ray will take off. HD-DVD might have such a strong foothold by then that Blue Ray dies before it is even started.
How in the world is HD-DVD going to have too strong of a foothold by this winter for BR to stay in the format war? Assuming that they've sold a few hundred thousand players by then, which is a wildly optimistic figure even for the most dedicated HD-DVD cheerleader, (we haven't even hit 20,000 yet, have we?) that would still leave almost the entire 16 million (and growing) HD households in the U.S. untapped. You think either one of these camps has come this far, made this much noise, and spent this much money just to bail out after a few months because of a couple hundred thousand players?

Originally Posted by Cornbread
You are already hearing about some Blue Ray supporters switching sides by wavering in their Blue Ray only support: Samsung, HP, Disney.
Look, Cornbread, I'm glad you're excited about next-gen HD movies. Unfortunately, you seem to be so in love with the HD-DVD camp that you're willing to say just about anything to make them look good or the BR camp look bad with no regard for the truth. Anyone not caught up on this thing would read the qouted statement and think that Samsung and Disney had embraced HD-DVD, which would be very misleading, and you know it.

Disney has announced absolutely nothing on this subject- as of today, the only camp they're in is BR. I've been following this thing for two years, and one thing I've learned is don't count on anything that doesn't have an official announcement attached to it. This is something that certainly could happen- we've seen similar maneuvers with Warner and Paramount adopting both camps when they were previously only in one, but the problem I have is that you're insinuating that Disney's already there, which is very misleading.

As for Samsung, it's pretty irresponsible to try and say that Samsung is adopting a stance of neutrality simply because they're planning to release a hybrid player. There's a big difference between Samsung releasing a hybrid player, and releasing a stand-alone HD-DVD player. Should I really have to point that out?

Samsung first announced that they were working on a hybrid player well over a year ago. They were squarely in the BR camp then, and they still are right now. They're not releasing a hybrid player because they're considering joining the HD-DVD camp, they're doing it because they think a hybrid player will have a chance of really selling. Many of the manufacturers on both sides, probably everyone but Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba, may eventually end up making hybrid players simply because there's going to be demand for them- don't confuse that with changes in affiliation.

Here's the official announcement of the hybrid player from the 2006 CES:

And here's another statement from Samsung from the same 2006 CES:

What does that say to you about the chances of seeing a next-gen product by Samsung that doesn't have a BR logo on it?
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