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Jack, do yourself a favor...cut through the "fanboy bias."

First and foremost, NO winner will be declared by the end of this year and I highly doubt by the end of next.

Neither side will have enough units in place to even make a dent. Regardless, of what some HD-DVD fanatics might try to sell you, Toshiba has only shipped 6,000 of their units so far (in the states) and with only about 4,000 more on the way.

Secondly, Blu-ray players overall will be more advanced than the HD-DVD players. I'm NOT saying they will be less "buggy," nor am I going to say the more advanced hardware is worth the additional $500...that's for each individual consumer to decide.

As for studio support, Sony still currently has more studio backing. While many companies will be supporting both, companies including Disney, still currently remain exclusive to the Blu-ray camp. Virtually every company has stated they won't rule out the possibility of developing for both formats, but that's just the "standard line."

I am NOT pro-BR, nor am I anti-HDDVD. To have a preference is fine, but some people are taking this simple tech battle and turning it into basic human nature of choosing a siding and fighting to the end. With no valid cause other than it's just what humans do. Give this country two sides and they will fight to the death, even if they are fighting over what type of cheese is better...Cheddar or American (if anyone says American, I will shoot you).

"...but until this winter I don't think Blue Ray will take off. HD-DVD might have such a strong foothold by then that Blue Ray dies before it is even started."

Not attacking Corn in particular, but I keep seeing people say this. I don't care which side you are on, there is NO way within six months, one side is going to be on it's way out.

If Toshiba gets blessings from the gods and sells 10,000 units a month for the next six months, it's still ONLY 60,000 units sold. Not factoring the long term success of PS3, it's safe to say it should sell fairly well at launch by hardcore gamers alone. If Sony sells even 100,000 units here this winter, which is should do on launch day alone, that would be 40,000 more BR players in US homes than HD-DVD.

In life, you must remain rational at all times. You ready for my big secret...if I HAD to pick a winner right now, I would say...HD-DVD. Yep, so chew on that HD-DVD fanboys that were "hatin'" on me. HD-DVD has a huge price advantage, is playing it smart having HD and SD movie versions on the same disc, and will eventually get additional studio support. However, as a rational being, I know it's far too early to call, Sony has the more advanced hardware, and if BR camp is able to lower the price (which they might do if PS3 is successful), they should mop the floor with HD-DVD.

But more importantly... I just don't care. Neither format impresses me and I don't have anything riding on the outcome. My advice Jack... Wait till the holiday season to make a purchase. You'll see the movie selection and be able to benefit if there is a price drop (or at least your typical holiday sales). But no matter what... you should get your money's worth out of either one. This battle is going to be here for awhile, so even if a format last two years, it wouldn't of been a complete waste.

/new longest post ever.
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