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What is HD?

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Angry Problem with JVC I'Art Model AV48P776

I just got an HDTV cable box from my local cable company and my TV has been acting up. It doesn't always do this but a lot of time like in between commercials or in between different scenes in shows the screen will black out for a second or two and when it comes back on it says 'video 1' it the top right corner. It's like someone hit the input button and changed the input but the input doesn't change. Because it was originally on 'video 1'. The weird thing is, with my regular cable box for the first month I had this TV I didn't have this problem. It seems like now that I upgraded to the HDTV box I have this problem. I even had the cable company bring me another box because I thought the first HDTV box they brought me might have been defective. I'm trying to figure out what is going on but it seems my cable company is saying it's the TV and Aaron's(the place where I am buying the TV from) is saying it's something with the cable box or wires to the cable box. I am really annoyed with the whole issue and am ready to send the TV back. Please help me if you can. Thanks.
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