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Default Directv HD vs ATT U-Verse

I just switched from ATT U-Verse HD to ATT DIRECTV HD this afternoon. We have the Ultimate package. There is a definite improvement in picture and sound quality. I prefer wireless for the other 2 TV's, too, which we did have with U-Verse.

CBS local station has issues with U-Verse and we were w/o for 5+weeks in 2017. It was just turned off again, couple days.

B/C my wife does a lot of recording of her favorite shows through out the week, having this recording capability, is a MUST. Important, is, most of her favorite shows are on CBS. Then we lost NFL Network too.

We will see if we can live through Rain & Snow storms, but we do have Netflix on hers and Roku on mine, to occupy down time.

Signal strength is 100, totally, which is good, with CLEAR view to the south today. We will see how DTV does over time.

We did have 10 great years with ATT U-Verse. An interesting note is the DTV installer stated, many Charter/Spectrum customers have been switching over to DTV in our area.
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