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Originally Posted by ImRizzo View Post
oI have not experienced any 'burn-in' with my LG and it runs all day(12 hrs) hope this helps.
BTW to appreciate tru 4K you need a 4k player
If were to be honest many oled owners are having burn in issues and in time so will you. Your lucky because some people have had burn in issues as fast as 8 hours after setting up the tv and watching. Even if you by some chance never get burn in ,your faced with 2 problems The ABL problem and degrading of pixels because it's a organic technology.Burn in is a real thing that even LG admits is a problem, but will they ever fix it , I doubt it. Will they ever cover it in a warranty ,never. Sony won't ether. All i'm saying is people on the edge of their budget wanting an Oled tv should know the risks. LG now has a warning on there website about the risk of getting burn in, however they on purpose forget to put that warning on the box of the TV .And stores will not tell you the risk and unless you ask.
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