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Originally Posted by Terryl3 View Post
PC and TV, tried it on WIFI also, works fine here.

What type/brand of WIFI router do you have? And is there a way on the TV to check the WIFI signal strength?

The thing with the router WIFI security is to keep your neighbors from piggybacking on your WIFI, if you live in an apartment or housing tract then this is a common problem.

Some ISP's will throttle your internet speeds back when you get to the top of your bandwidth allotment, you may not use all of it but the guy next door may.
its a good router---Netgear N600 wifi cable modem router.
no way to check the signal on the TV wifi. Been using the PC for signal strength. Its usually good to xllnt.

on the piggyback i have a password. The password is not displayed. Its hidden. The signal gets weak when outside the house. So i dont know if the signal is good enough for a neighbor. There are other signals around me in my laptop PC Network and Sharing task bar for internet access but are very weak with 1 or 2 bars out of 5. That is not a usable signal. Too weak.
I logged onto, clicked on advanced, went into security and checked my DHCP logs. I didnt find any ip addresses in the log that don't belong to me. Is there another way to check my wireless router logs for piggybacking? Did i miss something?

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