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Originally Posted by railven View Post
So I got some bad news... I had zero issue.
Ugh... Gross.

Originally Posted by railven View Post
Not sure if it's specifically a controller issue, but it does have updates/firmwares. We bought her controller...last year? When they did the colored versions...

You'll also need the Xbox App to update/check the firmware, so you have that route to test.

Update info:
I have this one.

I think I tried updating the firmware, but I can't remember for sure. I might try plugging in my old 360 controller and see if it works. Just for kicks. The attack button started becoming unresponsive in my play through of DS2, so I picked up that other one as a result.

Thanks for running some tests for me. Hopefully I cant get to the bottom of it. In the meantime... I'm about 3/4's through Dragon Quest XI.
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