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Originally Posted by awol View Post
Ultimately... no. No matter what I tried, I was never able to get it to work. Even filed a ticket with Bandai. They suggested all the same things I was finding on the web. Pretty much the only thing that would solve it is to buy a corded controller. No thanks.
OMG I didn't even address the question about the controller!

What kind of controller? MSFT kicked out everyone so only real 1:1 solution is a MSFT controller.

If you are using a MSFT controller, make sure (assuming again Steam) you setup the correct controller profile.

Steam has done wonders in overcoming the XInput fiasco. However, it still requires a lot of fine tuning and in some cases if you aren't using a MSFT controller some 3rd party software.

Super long and boring (trying to truncate):
Older Games that use DirectInput (Legacy) will not work on modern day computers with modern day hardware. You will need legacy software, pain in the ass to find but it's out there.

XInput Games (new defacto standard) should work sans any problem with a MSFT controller. If they don't they aren't using XInput as intended and probably has a mix of DirectInput and XInput, will require some reading as this will most likely be game specific.

Non-MSFT controllers, such as DS3/DS4 don't have native XInput drivers. This is where Steam has tried to cover it, but you'll find a lot of games still have issues especially with triggers and L2/R2 buttons (as they are pressure sensitive, treated as triggers with axis not buttons).

Best solution for this I've come across with little headache is DS4Windows. Install it (brings everything you'll need for XInput related games, different tree and branches for DirectInput games).

Install it, set it to clone a MSFT controller, and your PC will see it as a standard MSFT controller. Works wireless (BT) or wired.

Been using it for years. Bonus some games (such as DS3) have mods that will replace the standard button ingame graphics with Playstation ones.

I've had 3 sets of software running just to get my DS4 working with Rumble for SH4. It was fun to setup. Haha.
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