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Originally Posted by Chiwaukee OTA View Post
[SIZE="3"]Hey Wizwor, how's it going? I thought I'd resurrect this thread see how things are going with your Frankentenna.
Frankentenna is no more. Heroes and Icons showed up on a subchannel of WSBK in Boston, so I disassembled Frankentenna. I am considering resurrecting a UHF version of Frankentenna to pull in WCSH which is home to AntennaTV which is home to The Tonight Show featuring Johnny Carson.
Originally Posted by Chiwaukee OTA View Post
Also did you ever take the parts off of your Y5 - 7 - 13 and add them to your Y10 - 7 - 13 ?
No. It would be sacrilegious to try to improve upon the VERY BEST vhf-high yagi ever made

Seriously, the damn thing is practically perfect as is. I might have extended it if i could get a couple more, but by the time I got around to playing, these things were not available. Extending with a Y5-7-13 would still offer less gain than Frankentenna.
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