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Default Frankentenna

Originally Posted by wizwor View Post
from the front most director to the reflector in the back, it is 13' long. It is very flimsy. Right now, I have it mounted to an IV tree in the middle of the first antenna and have used bungee cords to support the front and back...

Eventually, I will hang it from the rafters in many places with string. (If someone bumps the antenna, it swings back into place.)

The boom is smaller than that of the y10-7-13. I think you would have to build some substantial support structure if you wanted to put three or four of these outside. I don't think wind would be too big a concern as the cross section is not outrageous from any perspective. It's just that the boom is very long and barely rigid enough for the first extension. Also the center of gravity moves away from the mounting hardware as you extend the front.
Hey Wizwor, how's it going? I thought I'd resurrect this thread see how things are going with your Frankentenna.

Also did you ever take the parts off of your Y5 - 7 - 13 and add them to your Y10 - 7 - 13 ?
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